History of Kent – The World of the Past and Present

What to do in kent

When you are in search of a place to take your entire family and be able to get around on foot, history of Kent is the best. You can explore the fullness of Kent, United Kingdom, if you are traveling from one of the numerous towns in the area. History of Kent offers attractions for most any family.

Visiting Kent is a fun experience. It is full of history, culture and scenery. You will get the feeling that you are actually living in the time of King Arthur. This English city is beautiful. When you want to discover the atmosphere and surroundings of Kent.As travelers, you can enjoy tours of the town and look at the many interesting buildings, attractions and top class restaurants. Kent has some of the best castle’s in the UK, places like Dover and Leeds castle great days out with jaw dropping views thats just to name a few. Maybe Shopping is what you are after, then check out Bluewater, westwood cross to ashford designer outlet. With all these big named places there are some awesome villages with boutique shops to tea rooms. There is just so much to do in and around kent. So here is a little history of kent to see why it is one of the greatest places to visit and see how history has made the Kentish towns so awesome.

what to do in kent

History Of Kent

The Tudor Court is one of the most beautiful and colorful scenes in Britain, and from England there is one place where you can experience a version of the Tudor Court: Kent. It was at the end of the 15th century that Kent, long thought to be the least productive county in England, became one of the most productive.

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The Holy Roman Empire had only recently been formed, and it was only in England that the Catholic Church became a real state power. You could say that for most of the early modern period, the King and his clergy ruled in England. From England you could travel across the globe, but only to visit the King and his clergy, not the ordinary people.

English became the main language of the day, and even today, this is still true, and one of the reasons why English has become the primary language of political power in Great Britain. When the Archbishop of Canterbury founded the Church of England, he proclaimed that there would be no schism between Catholics and Protestants. He also declared that the King, the King’s ministers, and the church were all of one mind.

Since the time of Elizabeth I, the English were the power of the realm. The King and the clergy ruled, and anyone who did not subscribe to their faith was put to death.

Elizabeth’s reign was the last of the Elizabethan Era, a time when England was ruled by an authoritarian monarch, and everyone knew their place. This era gave birth to England’s first modern Parliamentary Parliament and soon afterwards was followed by the Glorious Revolution, which established the new British Constitution.

However, for the duration of the Tudor Era, the office of King was hereditary, and so the king’s brother became King. There was no reason for anyone to seek change, and nobody was willing to. The principle of “survival of the fittest” ruled, and everybody was forced to toe the line.

After the King died, the English began to fade away. New laws, customs, and rules became common place, and nothing felt natural or right. The air smelled of decay, and almost everything around you were dirty and unsafe.

Today, in the area surrounding the country estate at Christ Church, Kent, the countryside is still beautiful, the seaside is peaceful, and there are still plenty of historic attractions to see. However, as you drive around the area you begin to notice something different. A new culture has taken root, and it is one of cultured English people.

English has been around for thousands of years, and while some areas have never had enough English-speaking immigrants, the main areas of England have always had plenty of English-speaking migrants. Those people who are making their home here have created a culture, language, and way of life that is unique and wonderful.

This is not only the case with the English of Kent, but with the communities that make up the surrounding area. Once they moved here, many settled in one area, perhaps to work in one area, but these days there are no shops, and only very few people speak English.

If you live in one of the counties in England which hasn’t experienced large numbers of immigrants, you may not recognize the differences between the way that people in your country think and speak, and how the natives think and speak. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to see the difference for yourself in the course of your travels. From Kent to London, to Derby, you should never miss a chance to enjoy this remarkable, fascinating part of English history.

As you can see just with this brief overview why kent is such a good place to visit. So keep your eye out for more things to do in kent by clicking here